[ZJOI2018] Day1 20分爆炸? 衢州三日游,开心...... 体育中考旷掉在余姚举办的Day2,唉.

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Day 1.上午


Codeforces 949E. Binary Cards
hihoCoder挑战赛29 D. 不上升序列
CS Academy #32 G. Sum of Powers
Codeforces 923E. Perpetual Subtraction
THUPC 2017 I 小L的计算题
国家集训队 by杨家齐 星空
Codechef WINDOW. Chef attic window
SPOJ QTREE7. Query on a tree VII
BZOJ 3914. Jabby's shadows
Codechef CHANGE. Making Change

Day 1.下午


BZOJ1001 狼抓兔子
ZJOI2016 旅行者

Day 2.上午


Codeforces 794G. Replace All
Codeforces 772E. Verifying Kingdom
Codeforces 750H. New Year and Snowy Grid
Codeforces 744D. Hongcow Draws a Circle
Codeforces 744E. Hongcow Masters the Cyclic Shift
Codeforces 739D. Recover a functional graph
Codeforces 713E. Sonya Partymaker
Codeforces 704E. Iron Man
Codeforces 645G. Armistice Area Apportionment
Codeforces 627F. Island Puzzle
Codeforces 578E. Walking!

Day 2.下午

JOIsc2017 港湾設備 (Port Facility)
JOIsc2017 手持ち花火 (Sparklers)
JOIsc2017 開拓 (Cultivation)

JOIsc2017 壊れた機器 (Broken Device)
JOIsc2017 鉄道旅行 (Railway Trip)
JOIsc2017 切符の手配 (Arranging Tickets)

JOIsc2017 細長い屋敷 (Long Mansion)
JOIsc2017 自然公園 (Natural Park)
JOIsc2017 長距離バス (Long Distance Coach)

JOIsc2017 誘拐 2 (Abduction 2)
JOIsc2017 ドラゴン 2 (Dragon 2)
JOIsc2017 都市 (City)       [Submit]